Monster Rancher

  • GENRE, ,
  • EPISODES73 Episodes
  • DURATION30 mins / Episode
  • LANGUAGESJapanese / English
  • YEAR1999


One day after school, Genki finds a game that transports him into the world of Monster Rancher where a mysterious and evil villain, Moo, is turning all monsters in the land evil. Only Phoenix, which is said to be asleep inside a special disc, can bring them back to good. Thus begins the journey of Genki and his friends as they go in search of the Phoenix Disc to bring peace back to the world of Monster Rancher!

©TECMO / CBC / Dentsu / TMS

  • Genki

    JP: Chisa Yokoyama
    EN: Andrew Francis

  • Holly

    JP: Mariko Kouda
    EN: Maggie Blue O'Hara